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The Incredible Super Bowl 2023 Win By Andy Reid’s Chiefs Shuts Down Retirement Speculation



  • Super Bowl LVII Coaching Changes – Eagles and Chiefs coordinators sought after for head coaching positions.
  • Andy Reid leads Chiefs to Super Bowl win, ending retirement rumours.
  • Reid’s coaching legacy includes 200+ regular-season wins and multiple Super Bowl victories, 5th most in NFL history.

The coaching staffs for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, the two teams competing in Super Bowl LVII, may look different next season. Strong interest has been shown in both of the Eagles’ coordinators for head-coaching openings, while several other teams have shown interest in Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Andy Reid put an end to the retirement rumours after his team defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38–35 in Super Bowl LVII, delivering Kansas City its second NFL championship in four seasons.

Reid said (via The Washington Post), “I look in the mirror and I’m old. My heart, though, is young. I still enjoy doing what I’m doing. I got asked that 50 times here. Finally I just go, ‘Whatever, man. Whatever.’ … I’m good with what I’m doing right now. … Listen, if they’ll have me, I’ll stick around.”

Reid said, “I look in the mirror, and I’m old” (via The Washington Post). “But my heart is still a child. Even now, I still adore what I’m doing. 50 people here have asked me that. I simply say, “Whatever, man,” in the end. I’m happy with what I’m doing right now, so whatever. I’ll stay put if they let me, listen.”

Hours before the Super Bowl, rumours of retirement started to circulate. The Chiefs head coach, who will turn 65 in five weeks, reportedly discussed retirement after Sunday’s game with Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer. Glazer claimed that Reid didn’t completely reject the idea.

Glazer reports that Reid stated that despite coaching a young quarterback (Patrick Mahomes, who is 27 years old), he is not getting any younger. After this game, Reid told Glazer he had to pick a decision.

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That decision appears to have been made after Reid became the fourth head coach with 200 or more regular-season victories and multiple Super Bowl crowns, becoming the 14th head coach overall with multiple Super Bowl victories (Bill Belichick, Tom Landry, Don Shula). Reid’s 10th season as Chiefs head coach and 24th overall in the NFL came in 2022. He currently holds the fifth-most regular-season coaching victories in league history with a 247-138-1 record. In addition, Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, has the second-highest postseason win total of all time with his 31-13 win-loss record. He has a playoff record of 22-16.

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