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10 Best NHL Players Of All Time And Their Undying Legacy


Do you want to discover the 10 Best NHL players of all time? Then keep reading to learn everything about them. 

The National Hockey League, or NHL, is a renowned and fiercely competitive professional ice hockey league with a rich history that stretches back to 1917 and a lineup with some of the best players in ice hockey history. From elegant forwards to faultless goals, the NHL has it all.

These NHL hockey players will be remembered as the best of all time. With their skills, these sportsmen have dominated not only their sport but also the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. So, after going through a plethora of deciding factors like goals, assists and wins, we have compiled a list of the top 10 NHL players that the world has seen. 

List Of Top 10 Greatest Hockey Players Of All Time Who Ruled The Game On Ice:

1. Mark Messier: 

Mark Messier

Mark Messier is regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time because of his incredible on-ice performances, exceptional leadership skills, and career accomplishments. He was nothing short of spectacular during his 26-year NHL career and is, without a doubt, one of the best hockey players to ever play the game. His outstanding leadership abilities, and career accomplishments, have made Mark Messier the best NHL player the world has ever seen. 

He won five Stanley Cups and one MVP during his 12-year career with the Edmonton Oilers. He was essential to the New York Rangers’ quest for a second title in the 1994 conference and Cup finals. Messier ranks third in NHL history with 1,887 career points and more than 100 points six times, including 107 in his second MVP season with New York. He is strong and well-known for his rough play, including hard hits and his clutch play, which has featured postseason game-winning goals.

2. Mario Lemieux: 

Mario Lemieux

Lemieux is among the best NHL players of all time, thanks to four of the top 17 single-season totals. Only Wayne Gretzky has four times scored as many goals in a season as Lemieux did. Lemieux put together a historic run of six straight seasons with 100 points during his early years with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He reached a career-high of 199 points in a single season just before cancer brought him to a halt. 

He scored 100 points four more times after this setback, demonstrating his continuous dominance as a player. His 1,723 points made nine All-Star selections, three Hart Trophies, and two Stanley Cup triumph possible. He is still recognized as a true hockey icon because of his great contributions to the sport and Pittsburgh.

3. Bobby Hull: 

Bobby Hull

Meet Bobby Hull, The Golden Jet, the legendary and one of the best ice hockey players of all time, who soared above the competition with his dazzling speed and fierce shooting skills. The Golden Jet wasn’t just a nickname but a testament to Bobby’s blazing speed on the ice. He was so fast that he could leave defenders in the dust and zoom past goalies to score with ease. 

His shooting was as accurate as it was powerful, making him a scoring machine that opponents feared. Bobby was a force to be reckoned with in the NHL, with five seasons with 50 or more goals. His goals frequently left spectators in amazement since he could score from any angle. 

Even though his son Brett may have eventually surpassed Bobby’s NHL stats, Bobby will always be hailed as one of the greatest NHL players of all time. He spent 15 seasons with the Blackhawks and amassed 604 goals, ranking him among the league’s top scorers (and an extra 610 overall). He was a member of the NHL All-Star team a remarkable 12 times, and he twice won the Hart Memorial Trophy (MVP) in the seasons 1964–1965 and 1965–1966. Bobby Hull is a master of speed, skill, and passion, so seeing him is more than just watching a hockey game. The Golden Jet will always rank as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. 

4. Gordie Howe: 

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe, also known as “Mr Hockey,” was a pioneer who radically altered the way people viewed the game. A man who spent 32 years on the rink and never once lost his edge, he was a legend and a true icon in the NHL. He was a true pioneer—someone who paved the way for others to follow and wrote history with each change. Howe has won six leagues MVP honours, six scoring crowns, and four Stanley Cups. 

His accomplishments are astounding. Howe wrote the book “Gordie Howe Hat Trick,” and his unmatched record of 1,767 NHL games played is proof of his toughness and longevity. He has an unbreakable record of playing for 22 consecutive seasons with at least 20 goals. He is undoubtedly one of best NHL goalies of all time.

5. Jean Beliveau: 

Jean Beliveau

A noteworthy accomplishment that highlights Jean Beliveau’s skills is the Stanley Cup he won in exactly half of the seasons he played. He was one of history’s finest athletes and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1972. Over his career, he participated in 13 All-Star games and was regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time. His total of 10 championships throughout his career demonstrates his ability to continually compete at a high level. Being one of only 47 players in history to have scored 1,200 points speaks much about Beliveau’s dependability. His career-long point total was 1,219 points. Two Hart Trophies and the 1965 Conn Smythe Award for MVP of the playoffs are among Beliveau’s outstanding accomplishments.

6. Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Crosby, who has won three Stanley Cups, is one of the best NHL goalies of all time. He is a champion who sets an example for his teammates by working hard and remaining persistent. His four Prince of Wales Trophies, three Ted Lindsay Awards, two each of the Conn Smythe, Art Ross, and Maurice Richard Trophies, as well as other awards, attest to his extraordinary personal accomplishments. Since being selected first overall in the 2005 NHL Draft, Crosby has served as an ambassador for the league and set new standards with his performance. His successes are a testament to his adaptability because he is exceptional in every facet of the game. Throughout the first half of the 2017–18 regular season, he had five seasons with 100+ points, 411 goals, and 705 assists.

7. Bobby Orr: 

Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr defied the conventions of his position, becoming the first offensive defenseman in NHL history. In 1969–70, he established league history by being the first defenseman ever to lead the league in points; throughout his playing career, he repeated the record twice more. With 270 goals and 645 assists for a total of 915 points in just 657 games, Orr set new benchmarks for his position at the time. 

Several injuries ended Orr’s career early, but his impact on hockey is substantial and lasting. When Orr scored the game-winning goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup Final, his famous jumping celebration perfectly captured his will to win. Orr’s innovative play, which incorporated speed, agility, and technique, inspired a whole new generation of athletes and made him one of the best NHL players of all time.

8. Guy Lafleur: 

Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur was an effective striker from 1974–75 until 1979–80. In six of the seven seasons of his career, he recorded at least 100 points. His milestone of scoring 100 points in six straight seasons has never been surpassed. Lafleur earned at least 119 points in each of those seasons, demonstrating his ability to score well and his dependability and effectiveness. Two MVP awards have been added to Lafleur’s remarkable career. Lafleur is one of the NHL’s most reliable players despite having a disappointing end to their professional career. With 1,353 points in his career, he still holds the 27th-best overall NHL scoring record, demonstrating his unwavering prowess as a goal scorer and creator. He is now regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time in the history of the NHL, given his five Stanley Cup victories with the Montreal Canadiens.

9. Wayne Gretzky: 

Wayne Gretzky

He outscored every player before and after him during his playing career with an astounding 2,857 points. His domination is demonstrated by the nine seasons in which he earned 200 points, the most by any player in NHL history. He once finished a season with 215 points and four other times surpassed 200 points. Gretzky has 1,963 assists to his name, which is the most incredible number. 

In 1985–86, he was the NHL’s best defensive forward and was given the Selke Award. Despite having won four Stanley Cups in his career, Gretzky’s influence on the sport goes far beyond his medals of honour. He pioneered the game’s modernization and changed how it is played today. Generations of players that followed in his footsteps have been affected by his playing style.

10. Maurice Richard: 

Maurice Richard

There have been numerous legendary players throughout the National Hockey League’s history who have left their names in the record books. Maurice “Rocket” Richard, however, is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to domination and game-changing effects. He had an incredible knack for scoring goals, as proven by his eight championships and 14 All-Star selections. In just 50 games during the 1944–1945 season, he became the first player ever to score 50 goals in a single season. While playing in a time with fewer games and scoring opportunities than current players do, his 544 career goals still rank ninth in NHL history.

Summing Up:

These 10 best NHL goalies of all time who have the most impact on the ice are indeed icons of the sport, and future generations will remember them for their contributions to the game of hockey. These players have an enduring influence on the game of hockey and inspire up-and-coming hockey stars. Their influence reaches far beyond the rink as they motivate admirers and aspiring athletes to pursue their ambitions and strive for greatness.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Who is the best NHL player of all time?

There is no definite reply to this question. Nevertheless, two of the greatest NHL players include Guy Lafleur and Bobby Orr!

2. Who is the most famous hockey player of all time?

Wayne Gretzky and Maurice Richard instantly come to mind when discussing the most famous hockey players.

3. Who has won the most Stanley Cups?

The legendary Montreal Canadiens are the group with the most Stanley Cup victories. They have solidified their position in hockey history with 24 Cup wins under their belt.

4. Who has the longest Stanley Cup streak?

Once more, it’s the Montreal Canadiens! They have the longest Stanley Cup winning streak in history, having won five straight titles between 1956 and 1960.

5. What is the hardest trophy to win in sports?

The Stanley Cup is, without a doubt, the most difficult prize in all of sports to win. The Cup can only be won by the most talented teams.

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