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Rapinoe’s Glorious Send-Off: US Prevails 2-0 Against South Africa



  • Explore the heartfelt moments as soccer legend Megan Rapinoe bids adieu to the world stage in a triumphant match against South Africa.
  • Dive into her thrilling last game, where the US Women’s Soccer Team secured a 2-0 win over South Africa, showcasing Rapinoe’s leadership and skill. 
  • Discover her remarkable journey and achievements in the sport.

In the 18th minute, Rodman gave the Americans the lead when she hammered the ball into the goal off an assist from Alex Morgan. She received her first hug from Rapinoe.

With a header in the 49th minute, Sonnett increased the score to 2-0. He then sprang into Rapinoe’s arms as his corner kick caused some havoc in front of the goal. Rapinoe then made the well-known victory pose with her legs together and her arms outstretched after Sonnett turned her around.

Rapinoe nearly scored, but her free kick was just slightly high. In the 54th minute, she made her final exit on the world stage to a standing ovation, embracing and hugging her colleagues before blowing a kiss to the audience and bowing.

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After the game, a video remembrance was shown.

The crowd was then addressed by an emotional Rapinoe, who at one point made fun of Lindsey Horan for sobbing by ordering her to “Pull it together, Lindsey.” She’s not coping well with it.

She has been expressing her emotions in recent weeks.

Rapinoe let them flow after the United States defeat to Sweden in the Women’s World Cup this summer, knowing it would be her final competition with the squad.

She accomplished it once more last weekend when she participated in her final NWSL rivalry game between the Portland Thorns and the OL Reign.

Another day when tears were shed was Sunday. She exudes acceptance and affection, according to forward Midge Purce.

Horan cried while discussing Rapinoe. I’m basically losing an idol, so it’s incredibly hard for me,” she remarked. “It’s tough. That is what you have aspired to. Those types of players that you watch on television make you fall in love with the game for yet another reason.

Before her career is over, Rapinoe still has a few regular-season games left for the Reign, including a send-off game in Seattle on October 6 for local supporters. It has been a great career for her.

She has 63 goals going into her last game for the US, including two straight from corners at the Olympics. She also won the Golden Ball for best player in the 2019 World Cup in France.

She led the campaign for equal pay with the men’s national team in addition to becoming one of the top players in the history of the sport.

Rapinoe is active about LGBTQ issues; she came out publicly in 2012 and engaged to basketball player Sue Bird in 2020. During the national anthem, she stood in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

It’s incredibly great to see young Black females, transgender boys, and other children wearing our shirts, Rapinoe remarked. “I think that’s something about which we are all quite proud, and all of us, especially those of our generation, are aware of the difference we’ve made. And we are aware that a lot has changed since we first started.”

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