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‘Messi & I Went Through Hell In Paris:’Neymar Drops Shocking Claim After PSG Exit


  • Neymar has made shocking allegations about his time at PSG.
  • Neymar claims that Messi and he through hell at PSG.
  • The Brazilian sensation has joined Saudi Pro League team Al-Hilal.

Neymar, the famous Brazilian player, claims that he and Lionel Messi through hell during their final few months at Paris Saint-Germain. The PSG fans booed Messi for their loss in the Champions League 2022/23, even though he returned to Paris as the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the best player at the tournament. The team’s star-studded forward line was unable to participate as they were eliminated by German powerhouse Bayern Munich in a 3-0 victory over two legs.

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Neymar gave the inside scoop while speaking to Brazilian publication Globo, claiming that neither he nor Messi had been satisfied in Paris during the past few months.

In the interview, Neymar expressed mixed emotions about Lionel Messi’s year, stating that he felt both happiness and sadness. He mentioned that Messi experienced both success and challenges, including winning everything with the Argentina team, while facing difficulties with Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar emphasized their shared experience of going through tough times and expressed disappointment because they aimed to excel and make history together. He mentioned that they reunited at PSG with the intention of achieving great things but, unfortunately, fell short of their goals.

At the conclusion of the previous season, both athletes were associated with moves to the Saudi Pro League. However, Messi ultimately chose to join Inter Miami, whereas Neymar secured a deal with Al-Hilal.

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Neymar commented on Lionel Messi, stating, “Messi left in a way that, for football, he didn’t deserve. For everything he is, everything he does, anyone who knows him knows, he is a guy who trains, who fights, if he loses he gets angry, and he was unfairly treated in my opinion. ” He further stated, “But at the same time I was very happy that he won the World Cup. As you said, football was fair this time, since the Brazilian team lost, Messi deserved to end his career like this.”

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