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KXIP Appeals Against “Short Run” Decision After Losing match Against DC In IPL 2020



  • Kings XI Punjab appeals against the crucial “short run” decision in the match against Delhi Capitals
  • Players are now seeking additional technology intervention
  • The TV footage showed that umpire Menon had erred in calling a short run
  • The decision was not reversed despite technological evidence

The Indian Premier League franchise Kings XI Punjab has appealed against the on-field Umpire Nitin Menon’s controversial “short run” call at the crunch time of their first IPL 2020 match against Delhi Capitals on the 20th September. The players of KXIP are now seeking additional technological intervention for the sake of fairness in the tournament.

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Before the match went into the Super Over, the TV footage showed that the square leg Umpire Menon has made a mistake in calling Chris Jordan for a “short run” in the third ball if the 19th over which was bowled by Kagiso Rabada.

The replay on TV showed that Jordan’s bat was inside the crease when he completed the first run, starting from the non-striker’s end.

However, to KXIP’s horror, Menon gestured that Jordan did not complete the run and only one run was awarded to Mayank Agarwal and the Punjab’s team total. What remains surprising is that the decision was not reversed despite technological evidence that it was a wrong call.

In the final over of the match, Punjab only needed 13 runs to win and Agarwal managed to score 12 runs in the first 3 balls.

If that call of “short run” was credited to their total, Punjab would have won their IPL 2020 match with 3 balls to spare, but, they lost two wickets in the final two balls after 1 dot on the fourth ball and the fate of the match went on to a Super Over.

KXIP lost the Super Over.

Satish Menon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KXIP said, “We have appealed to the match referee. While a human error can happen and we understand that, there is no room for human errors like these in a world class tournament like the IPL. This one run could cost us a play off berth,”.

He added, “A loss of a game is a loss of a game. It is unfair. Hope the rules are reviewed so that there is no margin for human error.”

However, the appeal may not yield fruitful results for the Punjab side given the rule 2.12 (Umpire’s decision) in the IPL Rule Book on playing conditions which states that “an umpire may alter any decision provided that such alteration is made promptly. This apart, an umpire’s decision, once made, is final.”

Tom Moody, the former Australian all-rounder said that if technology has to help the game of cricket then the rules needs to be changed.

Moody said, “Unfortunately things like that are not thought through until it happens. Without a doubt the third umpire should have made a ruling but what rule say is that they need to declare that it is part of the rules prior to the start of the tournament,”.

He added, “It clearly isn’t part of the rules. Yes, no balls goes upstairs and third umpire is in charge of that, the run-outs and stumpings but they haven’t declared that any other incident like that the third umpire can overrule an on-field umpire so until that happens we are not going to have full engagement of the technology that is available.”

Former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar is also of the view that the Third Umpire should have intervened after the mistake made by the on-field Umpire, and we believe he is correct, if the Third Umpire can intervene on a no-ball missed by the on-field umpire, why not confirm whether it was a short run or not.

Sanjay Manjrekar said, “I was trying to make the exact point of decorum vs commonsense because had the third umpire intervened and let Menon know that it wasn’t short and had Menon changed his decision I don’t think anybody would have any problem with that because it was clear that right decision was made,”.

The cricketer-turned-commentator, Aakash Chopra, also criticised the umpire’s decision and said that technology wasn’t used to enforce fair gameplay and results.

Chopra said, “One short that wasn’t. Technology must take over in these cases but that’s possible if only the third umpire spotted it in time. What if #KXIP don’t make it to the final four by 2 points?? Tight,”.

Bollywood actress and Co-Owner of KXIP, Preity Zinta, said that the rules must be changed for the sake of fair results in the game of cricket.

Preity Zinta tweeted, “I’ve always believed in being graceful in a win or loss & in the spirit of the game but it’s also important to ask for policy changes that improve the game in the future for everyone. The past has happened and it’s imp to move on.  So Looking ahead & being positive as always”.

Former Indian opener batsman Virender Sehwag also lashed out at the decision made by the on-field umpire Menon.

Shewag tweetd, “I don’t agree with the man of the match choice . The umpire who gave this short run should have been man of the match. Short Run nahin tha. And that was the difference.”

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