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Jalen Hurts’ Early Struggles Don’t Shake Eagles’ Super Bowl Confidence



  • Unravel the surprising 3-0 record of the Philadelphia Eagles and the challenges quarterback Jalen Hurts faces as the team maintains Super Bowl confidence.
  • Explore the dynamic shifts in the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds, NFC East standings, and the impact of Jalen Hurts’ performance on the team’s title aspirations.
  • Gain insights from Colin Cowherd’s analysis of Jalen Hurts’ early-season form and how the Eagles’ stability is helping them overcome quarterback challenges.

Is the Philadelphia Eagles a real team?

Although it may appear to be a foolish question, some believe the Eagles are off to a poor start despite being 3-0. After Philadelphia’s Week 3 victory over Tampa Bay, head coach Nick Sirianni stated that his club is “not a finished product yet.”

“Are we currently playing our best offensive football?” No, and we shouldn’t be yet, and we’re growing,” Sirianni explained. 

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What are the odds?

The Eagles’ Super Bowl chances were +800 entering Week 3. After their Week 3 victory, their title odds dropped to +700, as did their chances of winning the NFC. 

In terms of the NFC East, Philly was +105 to win the division entering Week 3 but is now out to -160.

When discussing the Eagles — or any NFL team — it normally begins and ends with quarterback play. And so far this season, Eagles QB Jalen Hurts has been… hit or miss. 

As of now, he’s completed 67.7% of his passes for 640 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions. It was his second pickoff of the night on Monday.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Herd,” Colin Cowherd examined Hurts’ early-season form, crediting the organisation for being stable enough to overcome the signal-caller’s issues.

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“San Francisco and Philadelphia have more good players than you.” Except against San Francisco, here’s my lesson from every Eagles game: They’re just going to shove you around. 

Philly is 3-0, and Jalen Hurts hasn’t been that impressive. They win the offensive and defensive lines every week, so Jalen Hurts doesn’t have to play outstandingly to get them to 3-0.”

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