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Is The Ryan Garcia Vs Tank Davis Fight Signed?


  • Several reports have claimed that serious discussions on a megafight involving Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia had taken place.
  • A fight of this magnitude would explode into the public’s attention in a manner that is quite unusual in 2022.
  • Several people close to Davis who verified the conversations and said they believe the battle will be decided within the next several weeks.

Move aside Errol Spence Jr. and Terrence Crawford, because it seems that the true greatest bout in boxing will be coming to the boxing area very soon.

Lightweight contender Ryan Garcia (23-0) whipped the social media community into a buzz earlier this evening when he tweeted the words “done deal.”

Nearly around the same time, the WBA regular lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (27-0) tweeted the identical message from his verified account, which simply read “done.”

At this point, many began believing that the combat was really taking place. Prior to an official press release being released to the media, it is common practice for prominent figures in the sport to make the announcement of a major bout on their own platforms.

Given the size of both fighters’ fan groups, a battle of this magnitude would warrant the kind of marketing that is being shown here. There had been rumors circulating that it might be over by 2020, but the restrictions imposed by the epidemic put an end to any hope that it would be possible to finish the struggle.

We now jump forward to the battle between Tank and Rolando Romero, during which Davis yelled to Garcia, who was seated ringside, “You next,” both prior to and after the match. Garcia was watching the boxing match from a spectator’s perspective.

Tank and Ryan made contact with one another at a pub in Los Angeles, and during their conversation, they discussed the possibility of them eventually fighting each other in the ring.

As a result of signing them into a fight at this time, the sport will be treated with one of the most impressive spectacles it is capable of producing at a moment when it is reasonable for them to compete. In addition, many of the most notable and powerful people in the world will be there to help boost their performance while they are on stage.

The fact that the organizers are aware of this seems they will not miss this opportunity, as they have said that they anticipate this competition to transcend through to public sports awareness in a manner that is scarcely seen before this year.

Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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