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Gabriel Landeskog’s Injury: Will He Return For 2024 Stanley Cup?



  • Gabriel Landeskog may miss the entire regular season due to a knee injury, casting doubt on his return for the 2024 Stanley Cup run.
  • General manager Chris MacFarland offers optimism for Landeskog’s comeback but doesn’t provide a timeline.
  • Despite being unable to skate, Landeskog stays positive about his recovery, mentally preparing for the challenging journey ahead.

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog is anticipated to miss the whole regular season once again following a devastating knee injury that sidelined him for the entirety of last season. Now the issue is, will he be able to come back for a Stanley Cup run in 2024? The Avs captain is optimistic and has maintained his spirits on this difficult path to recovery even though the answer to that question is unclear.

His general manager Chris MacFarland recently provided an encouraging report on his ailment. While the general manager did not provide a timetable for his comeback, he expressed confidence that the club captain might be back on the ice field during the playoffs.

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On Wednesday, the 30-year-old forward was in attendance at the training camp location. Since having knee surgery about four and a half months ago, this was his first public appearance. Despite the fact that his surgery was successful, his doctors have not yet given him the all-clear to skate. He is anticipated to meet his surgeon in November, per AP reports. Then, a decision will be made regarding his future.

He spoke to the reporters when he was looking over the progress his team was making and said that he could see a clearer route in front of him. I’ll start by saying that I feel fantastic. Starting out, the Avalanche captain stated, “It’s been a really wonderful process so far.” He admitted how challenging life can be at times but waved that aside to explain why he had mentally prepared for this situation.

Gabriel Landeskog Discusses How He Maintained his Motivation After Surgery:

The worst aspect about sports is injuries. Due of its severity, numerous athletes were forced to retire, ending many brilliant careers. Fortunately for Gabriel Landeskog, he is not anticipated to put his skates away as a result of it. There had been speculation regarding his likely retirement after he missed the entire previous season. The captain of the Avs has decided against that and is looking forward to becoming better.

“It sucks not being a part of it,” he confessed about his absence from the games. “I think I have digested that part of it for the last 4 1/2 months and knowing that I wasn’t going to be a part of it, has made it a little bit easier… It’s being really good and It’s fun seeing everybody especially my teammates,” Landeskog remarked.

His potential comeback has led to the team refraining from appointing a new captain. Coach Bednar admitted that he was unsure of how to choose their new leader or whether to simply hand someone the temporary position. Since 2012, when he was 19 years old, Landeskog has served as the team’s captain. This might have had a significant role in Bednar’s choice. There’s no doubt that fans are eagerly anticipating his return to the ice, and the Avalanche must be hoping for that day to arrive soon.

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