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First-Ever Isle Of Man Pickleball Festival Welcomes Participants From UK


  • 40 players from the UK and one from the USA are among the 80 competitors in the Isle of Man pickleball event.
  • The aim of the competition is friendly doubles matches amongst players of similar skill levels; there are no prizes or competitive aspects.
  • The festival’s organizers aim to encourage spectators to attend and explore the island’s attractions.

According to player Chris Hall, the game, which incorporates elements from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has gained popularity on the island.

The National Sport Centre (NSC) will host the festival on Saturday and Sunday. According to him, it would “showcase the sport and hopefully inspire people to pick up a paddle. A total of 80 players have enthusiastically signed up for and committed to taking part in the upcoming event.

According to Mr. Hall, the festival’s purpose is to “show how much fun it is for people of all ages” and to advance the growth and development of pickleball on the Isle of Man. The sport was becoming more popular on the island because “it is easy to learn the rules and it’s good exercise, with long rallies and drop shots,” he added.

There are about 40 players from the United Kingdom and one player from the United States among those who have registered to compete in the festival. The festival will feature doubles games, where players of similar skill levels will be paired. Round-robin tournaments, leagues, or knockout rounds will not be used, and no trophies will be awarded to the winners.

“Playing alongside new people will undoubtedly enhance the quality of pickleball on display,” Mr. Hall said in expressing his excitement.

He also emphasised that visitors to the island will have the chance to take advantage of its offerings and attractions.

Although the festival typically serves more experienced players, Mr. Hall offered an open welcome to anyone who was curious about the sport and urged them to “pop in” and “observe to determine if it aligns with their interests.”

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