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Fernandes And Ronaldo’s Cold Handshake Gave Fans Much To Talk About



  • Bruno Fernandes had a hostile attitude toward Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United, while the two were together at the training camp for Portugal.
  • Fans had a plethora of opinions about the unpleasant reaction that teammate Cristiano Ronaldo received from Bruno Fernandes.
  • The cold handshake took place one day after Cristiano Ronaldo’s dramatic conversation with Piers Morgan.

The negative reaction that fellow player Cristiano Ronaldo got from Bruno Fernandes elicited a wide range of responses from the supporters of the club.

The embarrassing interaction that Bruno Fernandes had with Manchester United and Portugal teammate Cristiano Ronaldo has been received by Bruno Fernandes in the most frosty manner possible.

The video was taken when the midfielder entered the Portugal locker room before practice as the national team continued to ramp up their training for the World Cup in Qatar. While there, the player was captured seeing his United teammate Ronaldo.

This incident took place just a few days after the 37-year-old subject of the bombshell tell-all interview conducted by Piers Morgan Unfiltered conversation with him.

During the conversation, Ronaldo expressed his unfiltered opinions on a variety of subjects, ranging from the manager Erik ten Hag to Wayne Rooney. However, Fernandes might well have expressed dissatisfaction with a few of Ronaldo’s remarks, particularly those that focused on Manchester United’s stagnant development since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

Anyone can see that there is tension between the two Manchester United teammates in a video that Selecao Portugal uploaded to social media.

Given this information, many people were led to believe that there was bad blood between the two players after Fernandes practically ignored Ronaldo in the locker room and then muttered a comment to the number seven player for Manchester United, which appeared to leave him looking straight blankly back at the midfield player.

Nevertheless, Fernandes has subsequently taken to Instagram in an effort to dispel any rumours of a conflict between the two of them. She did this by bringing awareness to Joao Mario’s thoughts on the whole situation.

In addition, Ronaldo asserts that there is an effort to dismiss him from the club. This is despite the fact that the recipient of the Ballon d’Or an incredible five times wanted to depart previously that year.

Ten Hag was hesitant to release him during the preseason, not just the least of which was because he did not have any suitable alternatives available to him either inside his team or on the market.

To this point, just portions have been made public, and United has said that it would wait before determining what action to take next.

It is now unknown if the two players, although neither lacking an ego, will be able to rebuild their friendship in order to guarantee that Portugal’s World Cup campaign starts off without a hitch.

On November 24, Portugal will kick off their campaign against Ghana, and then on November 28, they will take on Uruguay, the team who eliminated them from the 2018 competition. On December 2, they will play their last game of the Group H competition, which is against South Korea.

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