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Triple H’s Blueprint for Success in 2024: WWE’s Rising Stars Revealed


  • Explore Triple H’s ambitious plans for the WWE roster in 2024, as he aims to elevate promising talents to the next level.
  • Get an insider’s look at his strategies to reshape the WWE landscape.

According to reports, as 2023 and 2024 draw to a close, Triple H has “big plans” for two of the top WWE Superstars. Even though there are only 15 weeks left in the current calendar year, that only provides us with time for three main rosters of Premium Live Events before the new year.

Naturally, Survivor Series stands out among the remaining events on the wrestling calendar. It’s possible that the November event will assist in indicating the direction the company will take in the months that follow, but you’d be excused for thinking about next year already.

In 2024, who will Triple H promote?

It’s the ideal moment for certain performers who are ready to push to the top of the card to take that next step, whether it be for the first time or to return to the top of the card since WWE’s calendar always heats up between January and April.

Now, according to a tweet from a trustworthy Twitter source, BWE, Triple H is rumoured to have “big plans” for two specific WWE Evolution roster members. BWE tweeted the initials of the players to let fans know who might be in line for a push in 2024.

It is obvious that the term “KO” refers to Kevin Owens, who is known as “the king of WWE.” There hasn’t been any explanation as to who the ‘DM’ initialled tweet refers to, but it might be either Drew McIntyre or Dominik Mysterio. According to recent storylines and reports, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if it was either man.

The 38-year-old Drew has been the subject of rumours for months that WWE is considering giving him a significant heel turn. The most recent episodes of Raw even included teases of this happening, with the Scotsman visibly growing irritated with the laid-back, childlike character of his tag team partner to lend further credence to these allegations.

The agreement with McIntyre has also generated a lot of discussion. The 2020 Royal Rumble victor might decide to re-sign with the organization with the help of a quick character makeover and a push for some of the WWE’s gold titles.

What is Dominik Mysterio’s future with Triple H?

However, the argument in favour of Dominik Mysterio simply centres on how important Judgement Day as a unit has become to Monday Night Raw lately. Because of the act’s popularity, WWE invited them to participate in other programmes like SmackDown and NXT.

The importance of Dominik Mysterio in The Judgement Day also cannot be overstated. No matter when or where the WWE is holding an event, fans can’t wait to slam the 26-year-old NXT North American Champion with a loud chorus of jeers.

As 2024 approaches, it wouldn’t be unusual to see WWE give Mysterio and his stablemates even more attention than they already do. It remains to be seen who WWE and Triple H will decide to give the figurative rocket strap to as we approach the new year, but things seem to be going well for Kevin Owens and perhaps Drew McIntyre or Dominik Mysterio.

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