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Steve Kerr’s Six-Starter Plan: Chris Paul’s Impact on the Warriors



  • Steve Kerr’s decision to utilize Chris Paul as one of six starters showcases a bold and innovative approach to team dynamics in the NBA. 
  • Kerr’s emphasis on player versatility and the importance of the entire team embracing the new lineup strategy highlights the Warriors’ commitment to maintaining a cohesive and competitive unit. 
  • The coach’s belief in the potential success of this approach underscores the team’s dedication to excellence.

Since the Golden State Warriors acquired Chris Paul in late June, they have mainly kept their ideas for how to best utilize him under wraps. 

With one of the best shooting backcourts in NBA history, many are wondering how Paul will fit in with his new team. Even though Paul turns 38 in May, he has never been a backup despite being a 12-time All-Star.

Ahead of the Warriors’ press conference on Monday, Steve Kerr addressed some of the rumours about Paul’s role.

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“We basically have six starters, the way I look at it,” he told reporters. “And only five people can go each night, so I haven’t decided what we’ll do yet.” I’d like to go to training camp.

“Obviously, all six guys will play a lot of minutes for us, but if this is going to work, everyone has to embrace it, regardless of who starts and who doesn’t.” It only works if the entire crew is on board, and I know these folks well. I know five of them really well – Chris is one of them.

On the other hand, Kerr informed reporters that Green would have to sit occasionally.

“We’ll look at [small lineups] for sure in camp and exhibition games and see what that looks like,” he stated. “It’s difficult to imagine not clicking pretty well given your talent, versatility, and scoring on the floor.” I believe that instead of [Kevon Looney] at the five, you might get by with four smaller players and Loon at the centre.

They’re a fiercely competitive bunch, and I’m optimistic we’ll figure it out, and the boys will buy in.

“But, as you know, we’ve been working on Loon and Draymond for years.” They’re a fantastic pairing and one of the few four-five combinations in the league that… [does] more screening and shooting. Most folks, you know, are throwing four shooters out there. We’re still using two bigs, and it’s working nicely. But we’ve always had the option of starting small. So we’ll have a look at everything.”

Kerr appears to have an embarrassment of riches at his disposal, but whether he will capitalize on their worth remains to be seen. In San Francisco, though, there is only one annual expectation: an NBA title. Can Kerr’s “six starters” provide Paul with his first ring?

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