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PGA Tour Golfers Hold Talks To Settle Rift Created By Saudi-Arabian Sponsored LIV Golf Series



  • Tiger Woods’s leadership at a PGA Tour star meeting to discuss the LIV Golf series was commendable.
  • The meet focused on how the schism introduced by the Saudi Arabian-sponsored LIV Golf Invitational series was to be dealt with.
  • Mcllroy described Woods as the Hero that all golfers look up to and that his voice is much more impactful than others.

On Tuesday, Tiger Woods and other PGA Tour players gathered to discuss the LIV Golf series, which has been luring players away with unbelievable sums of money. They came away from the meeting feeling optimistic but unwilling to go into detail about how they planned to stop the rebel golf start-up or coexist peacefully with it.

The meeting happened just one week after a federal judge determined that the PGA Tour can exclude LIV participants from the FedEx Cup playoffs, which occur at the end of August. This was the latest development in golf in an unusually hostile year.

Before the BMW Championship, PGA Tour players on Wednesday were reticent to divulge facts about the meeting that attracted Woods, who flew in from his home in Florida to participate and was conducted in Wilmington, Delaware. The third-ranked golfer in the world, Rory McIlroy, told reporters on Wednesday that the meeting was “impactful.”

The players addressed how to strengthen the PGA Tour and deal with the schism in the golf community caused by the introduction of the Saudi Arabian-sponsored LIV Golf Invitational series. McIlroy believed Woods’ leadership at the conference was essential. Players who joined the LIV series would be suspended; the PGA Tour stated in June.

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“His role is navigating us to a place where we all think we should be,” said Mcllroy about Woods. He describes Woods as the Hero that all golfers have looked up to and that in the game of golf, his voice carries further than anyone else’s.

While the players were quick to compliment Woods, they held back when asked to share any concrete recommendations from the discussion.

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