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Opals Leader Bec Allen Crushes Bump And Leaves The Area In A Wheelchair


  • Allen departed the Sydney Superdome in a wheelchair following a drastic injury during the World Cup match against Serbia.
  • Fans heaved a sigh of relief after realizing that the injuries were not very serious.
  • The Opals have made preparations in case Bec Allen cannot participate in the upcoming matches.

Allen left the field after falling uncomfortably on her ankle during Sunday’s fourth game’s final quarter. Still, he returned to action to pull out of the competition 5 minutes later while clutching her abdomen.

After a rough scrap in the last minutes of the game with Dragana Stankovic of Serbia, Allen got up carefully and walked off the court, which raised some worries about her health condition.

Allen, who was having trouble breathing, was given medical attention by paramedics, and they carried her out of the Qudos Bank Arena in a wheelchair since walking was painful for her. Bec Allen did not sustain any significant injuries during the Opals’ victory against Serbia in the group round on Sunday was a source of comfort for all of the team’s supporters.

Over the past few seasons, Australia and Serbia have created an unusual rivalry among other countries. With their victory in the quarterfinals at the Rio Games, Serbia eliminated the possibility of the Opals winning a sixth consecutive Olympic medal.

They also triumphed against the Opals on the way to the World Cup, which was made possible by the ejection of Steph Talbot of Australia for trying to injure Jovana Nogic. This time, the Australians focused on achieving a competitive advantage over their opponents.

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Following Saturday’s resounding victory against Mali, Australia now sits in third place in its group, followed by Canada and France. The win against Serbia helped propel Australia to that position.

While the four leading teams qualify for the knockout stages, Australia’s best chance of advancing would be to place in the top two since it would prevent them from facing either the United States or China in the quarterfinals.

Even though Australia’s medical staff has granted Allen the go-ahead, there is currently no assurance that the three-time World Cup medalist will play in the crucial match or make another appearance for the Opals throughout their campaign.

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Kumkum Pattnaik
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