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NBA: Defending Champions Golden State’s Draymond Green Punches Teammate During Practice

  • October 12, 2022
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  • Draymond Green attacked teammate Jordan Poole during practice.
  • “This is not something that would derail the season,” said Stephen Curry.
  • Playing alongside two-time MVP Curry, Green, and Andre Iguodala again means a lot to Thompson, who made a strong comeback for the second half of the previous season.

At the start of the new season, defending champions Golden State’s emphasis rapidly shifted after Draymond Green attacked teammate Jordan Poole amidst practice.

The Warriors are suddenly in crisis management mode as the Oct. 18 home opener against the Los Angeles Lakers draws near. There will probably be repercussions from Green’s powerful right punch that knocked Poole crashing into the baseline wall on October 5th. 

According to his statement, Green is on leave and intends to return as a better person. “I also look forward to continuing to better myself and my emotional state and how I deal with my emotions,” he said. Since 2015, the Warriors’ four championship runs have involved little to no tumults, thanks to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and the team. Up until this altercation that left everyone agape.

Will the fight be too much for this close-knit bunch of stars? The champs will discover the same soon. Stephen curry, in a statement, said that this is not something that would derail the season and their efforts to build a solid team of which Draymond shall also be a part.

After missing more than two years due to two severe injuries, Thompson made a strong comeback for the second half of the previous season and the team’s playoff run. Now that he has another full year, he is eager to demonstrate his abilities.

Given their track record of success since winning the franchise’s first title in 40 years in 2015, playing alongside two-time MVP Curry, Green, and Andre Iguodala again means a lot to him. The fact that there have been glorious dynasties in the basketball world drives players to work incessantly to be a part of that fraternity.

Last season, he played in 32 regular-season games, scoring 20.4 points on 29.4 minutes per game, and he also assisted Golden State in making their sixth NBA Finals appearance in eight years. Thompson said in November that it was “championship or bust” and later helped bring home the fourth victory for this core group.

“If you had told me ten years ago that I would have the chance to play for the Warriors and win five championships, I would have laughed in your face,” Thompson said.

Entering his 14th NBA season, Curry is 34 and still in excellent shape. The NBA Finals MVP in the current season wants to benefit from it. He only surpassed Ray Allen to take over as the NBA’s all-time 3-point leader in December. He had his second career scoring championship and first since 2015–16, the season before, leading the league to score 32.0 points per game.

The comeback of Center James Wiseman after missing last season while recovering from right knee surgery ended his rookie campaign. His first season with a training camp and summer league is this one. Together while in rehabilitation, he and Thompson will be among Wiseman’s most prominent supporters during his comeback campaign.

With encouragement from his coaches and colleagues, Iguodala chose to play a final season with the Warriors and strive for another title after nearly calling it quits this summer. He agreed to a contract for the $2.9 million veteran’s minimum. In mentoring young players like Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, Iguodala plays a hybrid role.

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