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Lionel Messi Credits Ronaldinho And Diego Maradona For Teaching Him Free-Kick Techniques


  • Messi asserted to have a close bond with Barcelona.
  • The 35-year-old claimed that Ronaldinho and Maradona greatly influenced him.
  • According to Messi, continuing your workouts is the most crucial thing.

Lionel Messi, a recent addition to Inter Miami, acknowledged that two former Barcelona players had an influence on his excellent free-kick technique.

The World Cup champion striker surprised everyone by choosing to play for the United States squad over a hefty Saudi Arabian offer and a possible reunion with his former team in Catalonia. Messi reiterated his deep attachment to Barcelona despite his departure, underlining the lasting influence he has had in the field of free-kick taking.

Even though he was not there, the 35-year-old acknowledged the chants of the Barcelona supporters and said it felt both bizarre and meaningful. Messi highlighted his close bond with Barcelona, where he and his family spent many years.

“Even though I wasn’t there, they were chanting my name. It was a little strange, but it made great sense. I spent many years there, and so did my kids. I have a deep relationship with Barcelona,” Messi said to the Chinese publication TTPlus.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t present, they were screaming my name. Although it seemed odd, it made perfect sense. I stayed there for a long time, and so did my kids. I have a strong bond with Barcelona, Messi said to the Chinese publication TTPlus.

He thanked two Barcelona greats, Ronaldinho and Diego Maradona, for teaching him important lessons when asked about his free-kick technique. But he underlined the value of daily, one-on-one practise in polishing the ability, saying that training allows for improvement to be made every day.

“It depends on continuous training, and you can improve that skill every day. Ronaldinho taught me a lot and [Diego] Maradona taught me a lot. But the most important thing is to keep training,” Messi said.

Like David Beckham joining the LA Galaxy in 2007, Messi’s signing with Inter Miami is expected to be a historic event for American football. This has led to considerable enthusiasm surrounding the move. The rising trend of international superstars being linked to relocations to Saudi Arabia is broken by his choice to join Miami. Romelu Lukaku and Hakim Ziyech of Chelsea have reportedly been linked to moves to the Middle Eastern country in recent reports.

Messi has one more month left on his current deal with Paris Saint-Germain. His Inter Miami debut is anticipated to be on July 21 against Cruz Azul. Fans are anxiously awaiting the chance to see Messi’s exceptional abilities in action on American soil, and there is palpable excitement surrounding his presence in the country.

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