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LeBron James Speaks Up Amid Investigation Into NBA Referee’s ‘Burner’ Twitter Account


  • In a tweet, LeBron James expresses scepticism about the allegations made against Eric Lewis.
  • The basketball world is in uproar after a Twitter account dedicated to responding to remarks about Lewis suddenly surfaced.
  • During a Lakers-Celtics game, controversial no-calls, such as one involving LeBron James and Jayson Tatum, gain attention, furthering doubts about Lewis’ impartiality.

LeBron James, the legendary player for the Los Angeles Lakers, recently shared his views on the ongoing NBA investigation into referee Eric Lewis and his alleged burner account on social media.

The basketball community was thrown into chaos when a Twitter account solely dedicated to responding to tweets about Lewis was revealed and promptly deleted.

James, who is famous for being candid, expressed his doubts about the allegations in a single tweet and added a ‘eyebrow raise’ emoji. The tweet gave the impression that James was not totally convinced by the truthfulness of the accusations made against Lewis.

But given the evidence so far, it is likely that James will be surprised if the league’s inquiry confirms the existence of the controversial account.

Transparency Demands Rise In Lakers-Celtics Showdown: The Eric Lewis Fiasco and LeBron James Make Waves in the NBA Community

The first suspicions surrounding Eric Lewis arose with the emergence of an online image showing Lewis’ wife and children wearing Boston Celtics jerseys. This incident caught the attention of the NBA Twitter community, especially considering Lewis had officiated a Lakers-Celtics game earlier in the season.

In that game, a contentious no-call on a crucial play involving LeBron James and Jayson Tatum garnered significant scrutiny.

The game in question also featured a number of dubious rulings in the Celtics’ favour, with the Lakers bearing the brunt of missed calls. The pattern of inconsistent officiating increased scepticism among both fans and observers.

The revelation of Lewis’ alleged burner account only fuelled the argument, raising concerns about the impartiality of officials and their participation in games involving their family’s team.

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