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La Liga’s New Deal Sparks Legal Dispute with Real Madrid


  • Real Madrid and La Liga are involved in a court battle over media access and rewards.
  • Real Madrid, unhappy with new media access rules, limits access to their dressing room and stadium.
  • As per the reports, such conflicts are impacting La Liga’s potential for growth and revenue generation, posing challenges to cooperation with clubs like Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is once again entering the arena of La Liga, resuming their ongoing conflict with the league. Over the past few years, these two entities have clashed on various occasions, notably regarding the CVC deal, and they have now filed another legal complaint.

La Liga launched a number of new initiatives this summer as part of their new sponsorship deal with EA Sports to broaden media access to games. They also disclosed that rewards would be introduced dependent on how much media access teams provide.

The 42 teams in the top two divisions will share approximately €130 million, with the distribution of funds varying according to the coverage evaluated by La Liga and granted based on a points-based system.

Real Madrid did not like this and forbade the media from entering their dressing room. They believe that their rights are being violated, and that this will have a negative impact on their ability to produce income.

Last Saturday was the first La Liga game at the Santiago Bernabeu, and Los Blancos did not permit the TV cameras into the match until just before kickoff. Pre- and post-match activities took place outside, which, according to Diario AS, angered the league sponsors.

Real Madrid has since filed a court complaint on the previously mentioned grounds and will attempt to prevent the cameras from entering both their locker room and stadium.

La Liga and the clubs are having trouble working together once more. The league’s potential for expansion and revenue is being harmed by its ongoing conflicts with other teams, authorities, and vice versa.

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