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Kawhi Leonard’s Viral Workout Picture Sends Netizens Into A Frenzy

  • September 20, 2022
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  • Los Angeles Clippers player Kawhi Leonard has recently been the talk of the town after he shared a viral workout photo on the internet.
  • The image proves that Kawhi hasn’t been skipping leg day at the gym.
  • Many believe LA will be a strong contender for the crown in 2022–2033.

Earlier this summer, a few images and videos of Kawhi Leonard, the standout player for the Los Angeles Clippers, circulated on social media. The photos that showed a bulked-up Kawhi caused a stir. Kawhi has undergone a significant physical makeover over the offseason.

More images of Leonard are currently making the rounds online; this time, we have concrete proof that Kawhi hasn’t been skipping leg day at the gym. Not at all (credit: Twitter, Bleacher Report):

Ka-thigh Leonard. What a funny thing. Moreover, it sums up just how thick Kawhi’s legs and thighs currently appear. In fact, they resemble a soccer player’s legs quite a bit.

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What cannot be disputed is the amount of work Kawhi Leonard has put in this offseason to recover from an ACL tear that cost him the whole 2021–22 season. The Clippers star is undoubtedly looking to increase his leg strength to prevent more knee damage.

The Clippers are the subject of much anticipation this offseason because Kawhi and Paul George will be playing again after injury-plagued seasons the previous year. Many believe LA will be a strong contender for the crown in 2022–2033. However, it also can’t be denied that as they begin Year 4 of their stint as colleagues in LA, this famous combo will be under much pressure.

Leonard has already experienced similar online outbursts of fame. His incredibly jacked pictures from a while back also generated much buzz. The same applies to his total physical makeover.

And it doesn’t just pertain to physical attributes. Leonard recently stirred the internet with his peculiar T-shirt selection at a public function. True to his word, the man follows his beat.

In the long run, the Clippers must be considered the favourites to win the Western Conference in 2022–23, assuming Leonard can stay healthy.

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