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IPL 2020: Controversial ICC Rule Triggers Debate After MI And KXIP Match



  • Mumbai Indians wins their second match in IPL 2020 as they defeat KXIP by 48 runs
  • MI and Pollard suffering drawback of a controversial ICC rule
  • On-field umpire reversed his LBW decision

The 13th match of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League witnessed a pretty easy victory for the Mumbai Indians on Thursday when they played against Kings XI Punjab.

However, the match saw a rather questionable ICC rule being exposed while Kieron Pollard was batting in the middle order. Since it wasn’t a close encounter, a big controversy didn’t erupt but some experts and fans did express their concerns over the same using various social media platform.

In the 17th over of the match, Kieron Pollard was facing KXIP pacer Mohammad Shami and the Mumbai Indians’ batsman was given LBW by the on-field umpire.

The veteran cricketer decided to review the call immediately and it was found out that there was an inside edge hitting the ball before it had hit the pads.

While the on-field umpire’s decision was reversed, the run that Pollard had taken after the delivery was wiped-off because of an ICC rule.

The ICC Rule states, “The batting side, while benefiting from the reversal of the dismissal, shall not benefit from any runs that may subsequently have accrued from the delivery had the on-field umpire originally made a Not-out decision, other than any No-ball penalty”.

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Even though Pollard had taken the single on that delivery it was not added to the score, neither to his not to Mumbai Indians’, despite it being a legal run.

The review proved that Pollard had hit a fair shot, even then it wasn’t counted.

The event was discussed at length on social media, with former India cricketer-turned-commentator Aakash Chopra urging ICC to fix the rule.

Chopra tweeted, “Pollard and #MI denied a single. LBW given. Reviewed. Inside edge confirmed. But the easy run they took won’t count. Dear @ICC, this might cost someone the World Cup someday. Need a rethink. Umpires will have to reserve their decision till the ball is dead. #MIvKXIP”.

According to a report, “As far as the changes with the rule are concerned, as suggested by Chopra, the officials can reserve the decision of awarding the run to the batting side or not until after the DRS decision is out. Based on the third umpire’s call, the decision whether to award the run or not can be taken.”

Anubhav Verma
Anubhav Verma
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