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FIFA World Cup Craze: Argentines Drop Idea Of Buying Homes To Watch Lionel Messi Play



  • Argentines deserts idea of buying home, puts watching Messi play Football above it
  • “We have Lionel (Messi) on the pitch and Diego playing in heaven,” fans sang at the barbecue in Sarmiento Park.
  • 6,000 Argentines who will not be allowed to enter World Cup stadiums in Qatar

A 39 year old business administration graduate named Emiliano Matrangolo in Buenos Aires, is willing to put everything on the line just to earn himself a chance to travel to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and be able to cheer on his team, one of the tournament favourites, and star striker Lionel Messi.

During a huge barbecue of close to 300 Argentine fans who were all gathered ahead of traveling to Qatar for the World Cup Matrangoo said, “It’s four years of savings, saving some money every month for this dream come what may.

“You stop doing things like buying a car or buying a house.

“It’s a dream, it’s an infatuation. Many people say look, he spends the money to go to Qatar instead of having 5 per cent of a house.

“Well I’m sure (a house) is nice, but I’m going to the World Cup.”

Fans also sand “We have Lionel (Messi) on the pitch and Diego playing in heaven,” at the barbecue in Sarmiento Park.

Violent fans who were involved in illegal associations as well as those fans who are in debt for food dues are part of a list of 6,000 Argentines who will not be allowed to enter the World Cup stadiums in Qatar said the Buenos Aires city government.

City’s justice and security minister Marcelo D’Alessandro had said “The violent ones are here and in Qatar. We want to bring peace back to football and that the violent ones are outside the stadiums”.

The 2023-24 English Premier League season will kick off on the 12th of August and will have a mid-season player break in January, the English top flight league said on Tuesday.

The season of EPL will witness a pause after the games on the coming weekend for the mid-season World Cup in Qatar and will resume on the 26th of December with Boxing Day fixtures.

The final round match of the season is scheduled for the 28th of May, giving players almost 11 weeks (4 months) before the next season kicks off.

The league said, “The season schedule returns to normal following the Covid-19 pandemic and the Fifa World Cup 2022, which provided disruption during the previous three seasons.

“In keeping with commitments made to clubs this season to address the congested schedule across Christmas and New Year, no two rounds in this period will take place within 48 hours of each other.”

The 2023-24 campaign of EPL will conclude on the 19th of May, 2024, while the mid-season player break is scheduled for January 13 to 20.

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