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Ekin Ten Hag Handles Cristiano Ronaldo Well As He Snubbed Gary Neville



  • Rio Ferdinand said that Cristiano Ronaldo is “done” with Gary Neville, who was a former teammate of Ronaldo’s at Manchester United.
  • Neville, who stood right behind Ronaldo during his first stint at United, was subjected to some excruciating situations as a result of Ronaldo’s full and utter disregard for Neville.
  • Ekin ten Hag, Manchester United’s manager, was praised for handling Ronaldo’s arrogance after he gave Neville the cold shoulder.

At Old Trafford on Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo gave the impression of snubbing Gary Neville, putting Neville on the list of those who look to be his adversaries.

When Cristiano Ronaldo visited the Sky Sports panel at the beginning of the season, during Liverpool’s match against Manchester United, the Reds icon and outspoken critic Jamie Carragher was there. Ronaldo chose to dismiss Carragher pointedly.

The Manchester United front has had a disappointing season thus far, and his high-profile fallouts with manager Erik ten Hag have created national headlines. Neville criticized the forward’s behavior following Manchester United’s victory against Tottenham, and ten Hag has been criticized for his handling of the situation.

Rio Ferdinand claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Gary Neville is “gone” after the Portuguese forward snubbed his former Manchester United captain. Neville was cruelly stung live on Sky Sports on Sunday, before Manchester United’s match against West Ham at Old Trafford, which they won 1-0.

Near the field, Ronaldo embraced his former colleague Louis Saha and then shook hands with Jamie Redknapp. After that, he continued to the field. However, he ignored Neville, who was playing right back beside him during his first stint at United, which resulted in some excruciating situations.

A different camera position than the one Sky used revealed exactly how uncomfortable the situation was, with Neville clearly getting ready to shake hands.

It was another illustration of Ronaldo’s fragile ego, which was most dramatically shown when he refused to step in as a replacement against Tottenham Hotspur on October 19 and instead walked through the tunnel after the match.

The decision to march off the field by Ronaldo was the result of months of disappointment on the part of the Portuguese player, who had been refused the transfer to a Champions League team that he desired last summer.

As a kind of retribution, the manager Erik ten Hag excluded him from the traveling team that was going to Chelsea and had him work out with the younger players. However, a little more than a week later, he might return to the starting lineup for the Europa League match against Sheriff Tiraspol as well as the ensuing Premier League match against West Ham.

Liverpool, on the other hand, is aware that they will not be confronted with the same level of open hostility that Ten Hag was.

There is a certain conflict at the club, which is recognizable considering the severity of the team’s poor performance, which was made abundantly evident in the heated exchange that took place between Jürgen Klopp and Fabinho during the match against Leeds United.

However, the degree of conflict is in no way comparable to that which existed between Ronaldo and Ten Hag.

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