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Cristiano Ronaldo Criticized By Fans For Meeting Controversial Psychologist Jordan Peterson



  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Jordan Peterson’s Instagram picture triggers anger among fans.
  • Peterson’s opinions on many subjects have generated controversy.
  • Peterson made headlines last year when he said former for him to get a Covid-19 immunisation booster, “you’d have to kill me first.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, actively seeking a transfer out of Manchester United, has come under fire from supporters for meeting divisive right-wing psychologist Jordan Peterson. Peterson, well-known for his divisive remarks on racial issues and climate change, has divided opinion online. The Portugal captain referred to Peterson as his “buddy” in a snapshot of their encounter. The caption read, “Nice to see you, my friend! #seeyousoon.”

Due to his polarising opinions on masculinity, Covid-19 vaccines, and transgender persons in recent years, Peterson has become a controversial figure. Twitter terminated Peterson’s account in 2017 when the actor Elliot Page was given a false name and gender.

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His tweet read: ‘Remember when Pride was a sin? And [Elliot Page] just had [his] breasts removed by a criminal physician.’

Page came out as transgender after three years, and Peterson faced repercussions for his remarks.

Peterson made headlines last year when he said that to get a Covid-19 immunisation booster, “you’d have to kill me first.”

The psychologist has acknowledged that he is Covid-19 immunised. However, he made this statement after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged citizens to get immunised as infection rates rose in the nation in December.

Peterson says that he is a “professor against political correctness” during his ascend to popularity, and he has been particularly vocal about masculinity.

The 60-year-old has said that “the masculine spirit is under siege” and that “the idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an abhorrent ideology” are both statements that have been made in the past.

However, Ronaldo seems unaffected by these opinions as the Portuguese football player posted a snap with Peterson on Saturday.

Nice to see you, my friend, Ronaldo captioned the picture, placing his arm around Peterson’s shoulder. #seeyousoon.’

Many fans were dissatisfied with Ronaldo’s choice to pose for a photo with Peterson.

The 37-year-old has already come under fire from fans for his performance, and now he is getting even more flak for meeting the contentious psychologist. “Most unexpected collab,” a fan wrote. “Disappointed,” said another. “Wow. Way to side with the fascists. C’mon man, are you so resistant to basic sense,” a supporter remarked to Ronaldo.

Other admirers of the page responded favourably to the message as well. “Two proper men”, one admirer penned.

Ronaldo is anticipated to leave United in the upcoming winter transfer window despite hardly making an appearance for them this season. Saudi Arabia is one of many coveted locations, but the striker recently rejected a spectacular offer from Al-Hilal. According to reports, the Saudi club made him an offer for a two-year contract of 211 million pounds, or 2 million pounds per week. Al-Misehal, president of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, believes additional Saudi clubs will make offers for the 37-year-old the next year.

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