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Cristiano Ronaldo All Set To Joining Al Nassr Before End Of This Year

  • December 23, 2022
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  • The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr is very close to being finalised.
  • A mutual agreement led to the top player’s departure from Manchester United in November of this year.
  • After celebrating Christmas in Dubai, the former Manchester United player is anticipated to make his way to the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

After expressing damaging comments about the organisation in an explosive interview with Piers Morgan in November, the 37-year-old player’s contract with Manchester United was subsequently cancelled.

After his tenure with Manchester United was dissolved in a mutual agreement, the five-time champion of the Ballon d’Or was left without a team to play for. In the past, Ronaldo has disagreed with rumours claiming that he had reached an agreement with the club.

On the other hand, it is currently anticipated that he will soon put pen to paper and become a member of the fifth senior club of his vocation.

Ronaldo, who is presently in Dubai, was said to be interested in playing for the Saudi Arabian club before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but he chose not to remark on the rumours since he was concentrating on the competition.

The Portuguese international is close to finalising a contract with Al Nassr that would keep him at the club until the year 2025. They are anticipating the entry of Ronaldo “before the end of 2022,” with the striker arriving only one month after departing from United.

He is expected to earn something in the region of 175 million dollars annually at the Saudi club, which would make him the best-paid athlete on the planet. The team that Ronaldo joined after leaving Real Madrid is presently leading the Saudi Pro League and is hoping to win its first league championship since 2019.

It seems that the lengthy process surrounding Ronaldo’s move will soon come to an end. Considering the enormous amount of money he wants as a salary, it was never going to be probable that a team in Europe would take a chance on signing him.

It would have been lovely to make a homecoming with Sporting Lisbon, but there is no way that they could have financially competed with Al-Nassr. After the blistering interview that he gave to Piers Morgan about Manchester United, the premier league clubs certainly showed less interest in pursuing a partnership with him.

Even if Ronaldo wanted to hang up his sneakers, he would find it impossible to refuse such a large sum of money as the last payout. It would be intriguing to see how well he does in Saudi Arabia and how much more interest there will be in watching the Saudi Pro League in other countries as a result of his participation there.

Recently, he participated in the World Cup with Portugal in Qatar; however, his country was eliminated by Morocco in the quarterfinals of the competition.

In spite of the uncertainty that has surrounded Ronaldo over the course of the last several weeks, it would seem that he is prepared to tackle a fresh endeavor in what has been a very rewarding career to until point.

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