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After The Longest Post-Season Drought, Seattle Mariners To Clinch Their Playoff Spot


  • The Mariners have an opportunity to end their long postseason drought while also securing a berth in the playoffs.
  • Even if they end up losing the game, one of the Mariner’s games will conclude with the celebration of winning a spot in the playoffs.
  • Fans of the Seattle Mariners anticipate that their team will undergo a renaissance and a remaking in the matches to come.

There is a good probability that supporters’ expectations and how they are really feeling about the Mariners’ possibilities of breaking their playoff drought in less than two weeks, are not consistent with one another at this time.

When the team you support, who seems to have a good chance of making the playoffs, squanders a lead of almost ten points and loses to a club that is 27 matches under .500 after a wretched road trip, this is often what happens.

Absolutely nothing about this is positive, but based on what your ultimate objective is for the Mariners in 2022, taking a moment to have a better understanding of the wider picture would offer you an accurate assessment of where the M’s are at this very moment.

The Mariners will begin their last homestand of the regular season tonight, which will consist of ten games, and there is a 99.9% probability that one of these games will finish with a postseason clinching celebration. This would be the inaugural such celebration for the Mariners in the previous twenty years.

Even though they had a bad month earlier this season, the Seattle Mariners still have a sufficient margin such that they are not completely dependent on the prospects of other baseball clubs.

In order to put a stop to the concerns and clear up some of the uncertainty that has arisen as a result of all the hypothetical situations, we are going to push past the concerns and investigate the myriad of different scenarios that may result in Seattle breaking their absence from the playoffs.

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Thursday is the quickest that advantage can be clinched for the Mariners. Their key number is six; this indicates that all that is required for them to make the playoffs is a combination of six victories for the Mariners or defeats for the Orioles.

Last night, the Boston Red Sox were dismissed from postseason contention, the New York Yankees have secured a playoff spot but not the division title, and the Toronto Blue Jays hold a 2.5-point advantage over the Tampa Bay Rays in the race for the Wild Card.

After Monday, no matter how many matches the Mariners win, Baltimore is required to lose an equivalent number of matches in order to catch up.

It’s astounding how this season; the Mariners have been particularly excellent at reaching their lowest point and have always been able to climb back out of it.

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Kumkum Pattnaik
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