WWE deaths are controversial in nature and hence, aren’t really popular. Yet, each time a WWE wrestler dies, the stories are more often than not, exploited.

Here are some instances where people witness gut-wrenching deaths of WWE wrestlers inside the ring.

- In 1999's Over the Edge PPV, Hart was preparing to compete for the Intercontinental Championship and had grand entrance plans. Hart unintentionally engaged the early release system, falling chest-first into the ring from a height of 78 ft.

Owen Hart

- He died in the midst of a training session with Dalip Singh (The Great Khali). Singh executed a flapjack and Ong did not do his part effectively falling hard onto the mat and dying a few days later.

Brian Ong

Mysterio performed a dropkick on the back/shoulder region of Aguayo which led to a cervical stroke and eventually ended in cardiac arrest.

Hijo Del Perro Aguayo

- Lindsay passed away due to heart attack while making the pin against his opponent Bobby Paul.

Luther Lindsay

- Quirk lost his life in a match against Hi-Lite Kid in 2005 when he tried to improvise a move but landed head-first on the floor and died.

Dan “Spider” Quirk

- Big Daddy executed a splash on Kirk landing on his chest to seize the trophy. However, Kirk turned purple and eventually succumbed to his injuries.

King Kong Kirk

- He died during a match against Man Mountain Mike due to a heart attack.

“Iron” Mike DiBiase