Top 10 Soccer Leagues In The World

English Premier League-England & Welsh

It is England's top football championship, and it is contested by 20 clubs. With a potential television and live stream viewership of 4.7 billion people, EPL is the most-watched sports competition in the world.

La Liga – Spain

The Primera División (La Liga) is the main professional soccer club competition in Spain which is not only one of the most popular but also has some of the richest football clubs in the world right now.

Bundesliga – Germany

The Bundesliga is Germany's professional football championship and has the highest average stadium attendance of any domestic soccer league.

Italian Serie A – Italy

The top professional league in Italy, Serie A, currently has 35 clubs competing. The Italian Serie A league was named the world's most important league by IFFHS in 2020.

Ligue 1 – France

French football’s primary competition is the top tier of the league system. And since its inception, it has housed some of the most popular footballers of all time.

Eredivisie – Netherlands

The Eredivisie is the most prestigious level of professional football in the Netherlands. The Dutch league was formed in 1956 and since then, it has seen some of the most famous goals in football history.

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A – Brazil

It is Brazil's primary football tournament and the highest level of its league system. It has hosted some of the most successful South American football clubs since its creation.

Primeira Liga – Portugal

Liga Portugal Bwin (Primeira Liga) is the top division in Portuguese association football. Liga Portugal is Portugal's governing body for professional football which keeps track of and organises competitions.

Argentine Primera División  Argentina

The Primera División is the top division in the Argentine football league system, which has housed some of the greatest players who played for the most successful teams in Copa America.

Major League Soccer (MLS) – USA

MLS is a major American association football league sanctioned by the US Soccer Federation that is regarded as the top tier in the USA and Canada. MLS is one of the best football leagues in the 2022 rankings.