The 10 Most Iconic NFL Jerseys of All Time

Aquib Nawab

NFL Jerseys

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1. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals' current jersey is their franchise's finest—sleek, modern, and boldly Cardinal red, accented by stylish black and white trim. A perfect blend of modern and classic.

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2. Atlanta Falcons

I favor the current Atlanta Falcons' red jerseys, with striking black shadowing on numbers, trim, and black accents, creating a bold contrast with the helmet and team logo.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Among my top sports jerseys is the Ravens' blackout alternative. It radiates a dark, intimidating aura befitting the team. Simple yet impactful design with standout numbers on black, accented by purple trim, maintaining their identity.

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4. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills' AFL throwbacks are hard to beat. Vibrant red-and-blue details pop beautifully on a white canvas. A tough call between these and the blue home jerseys, but the white ones hit the sweet spot.

5. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have an extremely nice home jersey. The bright blue stands out for their alternate top, but the black makes the team number, player name, and blue trim stand out better than the rest.

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6. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears, a storied franchise, have throwback uniforms I adore. Bold numbers, ideal for upper deck fans. Dark blue suits the Windy City, and orange sleeve stripes add flair. Clean design, no unnecessary elements.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals' current home jersey is the team's best. Though somewhat 'messy,' it embodies a Bengal's energy on the field. Bengal print sleeves add flair, while orange shadowed numbers complete the look.


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8. Green Bay Packers

While I appreciate the Acme Packers jerseys, I'm drawn to the current away ones. The green and yellow on white is striking, exuding classic and classy vibes with double stripes on sleeves and collar.

9. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys' jerseys stay classic, but the throwback steals the show. Striking stars on the shoulders, white top, and dark-blue base with white numbers create a fantastic look, truly iconic.

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10. Denver Broncos

Broncos' jerseys have varied, from the debated AFL brown-and-yellow to iconic 1960 throwbacks. Vibrant orange stands out, but it's the unique double blue stripes around the white sleeves and player numbers that set them apart.

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