The 10 Longest Home Runs in Baseball History

Aquib Nawab

Home Runs

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1. Josh Gibson – 580 feet

Josh Gibson, the "Black Babe Ruth," belted 580 homers at iconic Yankee Stadium, dominating the Negro Leagues with unmatched power and bat speed. His legend transcends baseball's color barrier.

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2. Babe Ruth – 575 feet

Babe Ruth, "The Sultan of Swat," left an indelible mark with 575 homers at Navin Field, home of the Detroit Tigers. His legendary power still captivates fans today, symbolizing baseball's charisma.

3. Mickey Mantle – 565 feet

Mickey Mantle, a Yankees icon, notched 565 homers at Griffith Stadium, the Senators' former home. His switch-hitting mastery and power conquered challenges, making him a baseball legend.

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4. Reggie Jackson – 539 feet

Mr. October," Reggie Jackson, left an indelible mark with 539 home runs at Tiger Stadium. His power and precision wowed fans, solidifying his legacy as an MLB great and inspiring future players.

5. Willie Stargel – 535 feet

Affectionately called 'Pops,' Willie Stargell's legendary power yielded 535 home runs at Olympic Stadium. An icon with the Pirates, he earned accolades, including two World Series titles and the '79 NL MVP.

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6. Adam Dunn – 535 feet

Adam Dunn, a towering slugger, left his mark with 535 homers at the hitter-friendly Great American Ballpark. His raw power and consistency wowed fans, showcasing the true impact of a power hitter.

7. Jim Thome – 511 feet

Jim Thome's colossal 511-foot homer in 2001 showcased his immense power and technique. A legend with over 600 homers, Thome left an enduring legacy of power and inspiration for future sluggers.

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8. Glenallen Hill – 500+ feet

Glenallen Hill's legendary 500+ ft home run on May 11, 2001, still resonates in MLB history. His immense power and bat speed left fans in awe, making it one of the longest and most iconic shots ever.

9. Nomar Mazara – 505 feet

Dominican ballplayer Nomar Mazara left a mark in MLB history with a colossal 505-ft home run, showcasing his incredible power and precision. His legendary blast resonates as one of the longest ever.

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10. Giancarlo Stanton – 504 feet

Giancarlo Stanton's historic 504-ft home run showcased his Herculean strength and power. This awe-inspiring blast reaffirmed his status as one of MLB's most feared hitters, leaving fans and players in awe.

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