Luxury is often an inseparable part of sports celebs. One of the prominent lavish purchases includes a private jet to shuttle across the world.

let’s take a look at the global sports icons who never shy away from flaunting their private jets.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Model: Gulfstream G650 Cost: $37 million (₹ 280 crore) The entrance is inscribed with his initials Cr& on one side and his famous celebratory slogan “Siu” on the other.

Virat Kohli

Model: Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign Jet Cost: $16 million (₹125 crores)

Lionel Messi

Model: 2004 Gulfstream V Cost: $15 million (₹125 crore) No.10 is embossed on the tail of the aircraft while the steps feature the names of Lionel Messi and wife Antonella, plus children Thiago, Ciro and Mateo.

Floyd Mayweather

Model: custom-designed Gulfstream G650 Cost: $60 million (₹450 crore)

Lebron James

Model: Gulfstream G280 Cost: $23 million (₹180 crores) The basketball legend has a net worth of $1000 million

Conor McGregor

Model: Cessna 560 XL Cost: $61 million (₹476 crores)


Model: Cessna Citation Sovereign Cost: $22 million (₹172 crores)

Michael Schumacher

Model: Falcon 200 Cost: $22 million (₹172 crores) It has a capacity for 9 passengers and can fly up to 460 knots.