Sasha Banks has been pictured flexing some incredible abdominal muscles ahead of her potential return to WWE.

After leaving the company during Raw alongside Naomi, the former SmackDown Women's Champion hasn't been involved in the promotion since May.

Even though Sasha and Naomi were the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions at that time, they still made their exits throwing the belts on the way out.

They were subsequently suspended and stripped of said titles but also had contracts that were about to expire, so everything seemed to work out nicely at that time.

Following Vince McMahon's departure amid the biggest wrestling scandal in recent memory, the pair reportedly decided to re-join WWE.

Moreover, many fans and industry insiders anticipate "The Boss" to make a comeback soon now that Triple H oversees the company's creative direction.

As she prepares to make a comeback, Sasha seems to be in excellent shape.

Before bringing the two superstars back, WWE is reportedly waiting for the completion of the Women's Tag Title Tournament, which is scheduled for the next episode of Raw.