2024's Rising Stars - 5 Women's Tennis Players You Can't Miss

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By: Aquib Nawab


Marketa Vondrousova, the reigning Wimbledon champion, has made a striking comeback this year. After overcoming a series of injuries, she's returned to the court with a playing style that stands out in today's tennis world.

5. Marketa Vondrousova

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Vondrousova's journey has been remarkable. In just twelve months, she climbed from barely being in the top 100 to leading eight Czech players in the top 50, demonstrating her immense potential.

Marketa's Rise

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4. Wang Xinyu

Wang Xinyu, once the junior World No. 2, has made her mark by breaking into the top 50. Her performance on the American hardcourt this season has been nothing short of impressive.

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With powerful groundstrokes, Wang's presence is formidable. She reached the second week at the US Open and also claimed a Grand Slam title in doubles, showcasing her growing prowess in the sport.

Wang's Grand Slam Breakthrough

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At just 16, Mirra Andreeva has made extraordinary strides in her career, leaping from No. 405 to No. 46 in a single year. Her quick ascent in the rankings is a testament to her talent and determination.

3. Mirra Andreeva

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Mirra's Unique Strengths

Andreeva is known for her agility and tenacity on the court. Her ability to chase down each ball and her unyielding spirit have quickly made her a player to watch in major tournaments.

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Zheng Qinwen, already a top-30 player coming into this season, has captivated audiences with her powerful serving and dynamic play. Her rise in the rankings, including a peak at No. 15, marks her as a formidable contender.

2. Zheng Qinwen

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The title victory in Palermo was a significant milestone for Zheng, propelling her to greater successes, including a memorable run at the US Open and a strong finish at the WTA Elite Trophy.

Zheng's Turning Point

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1. Karolina Muchova

Karolina Muchova's talent has long been evident, and this season, she has truly come into her own. Despite facing challenges with injuries, she's made impressive strides, including deep runs in major tournaments.

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Muchova's journey to the French Open final and the US Open semifinal is a testament to her skill and mental strength. She's proven that she can overcome obstacles and excel in the demanding world of modern tennis.

Muchova's Resilience

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