Phelps has won 28 Olympic medals in total throughout four Olympics, including 23 golds. Phelps has won more gold medals at the Olympics than all 66 nations combined.

Michael Phelps  (23 gold medals)

Beamon made an unexpected high jump of 29 feet, 2 ½ inches at the 1968 Olympics. However, Mike Powell further smashed the record at the 1991 World Championships in Athletics in Tokyo; it was not an Olympic record.

Bob Beamon  (29 feet and 2 ½ inch long jump)

Florence Griffith-Joyner set the Olympic record for the 100-meter dash in 1988 by finishing in 10.62 seconds. However, many women went on to break the record, but none of them did it for the Olympics.

Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.62-second 100-meter dash)

Ian Millar has competed in 10 Olympic Games, which has earned him an Olympic record. However, till date Ian Miller have won just a single medal that was silver in 2008.

Ian Millar (10 Olympic appearances)

Other than China, no country will match the number of medals won in table tennis. China has had the most success in the Olympic table tennis competition, with 53 medals (28 gold, 17 silver, and 8 bronze).

China (53 medals, including 28 golds)

The gymnast had scored 10.00 from all the judges which were completely unbelievable to watch in 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

Nadia Comaneci (Perfect 10)

The USA made Olympic history in 1904 by earning 239 more medals than most other countries have ever won. They won 79 bronze, 82 silver, and 78 gold medals.

America (239-medal at 1904 Games)

Marjorie Gestring, an American diver was just 13 years old when she won gold in the three-meter springboard. Competing at the highest level at such a young age is simply astonishing.

U.S. diver Marjorie Gestring (13-year-old wins gold)