10 Things We Know So Far About NBA Teams in 2023-24

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By: Aquib Nawab


This season's best team in the NBA. Thanks to the strategic additions of Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis, alongside stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the Celtics shine both offensively and defensively, showcasing their all-around excellence.

1. Boston Celtics - The Dominance

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Initially slow post the Damian Lillard trade, are now on fire. The dynamic duo of Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo is leading the Bucks towards contender status, hinting at an exciting potential showdown with the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

2. Milwaukee Bucks - Rising Stars

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3. Joel Embiid's Struggle

While Joel Embiid is performing phenomenally for the Philadelphia 76ers, the team needs more firepower to compete with the likes of the Celtics and Bucks. Embiid's individual heroics might not be enough for the 76ers to make a deep playoff run.

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Despite not making major moves in the preseason, the Miami Heat remain a formidable opponent. Their resilience and the return of a healthy Tyler Herro, along with the leadership of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, keep them as serious contenders in the Eastern Conference.

4. The Resilient Miami Heat

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have emerged as a surprise success, boasting the league's top-ranked defense. With Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Rudy Gobert leading the way, they're not just contenders; they're serious threats in the Western Conference.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves' Rise

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6. The Clippers' New Era

The Los Angeles Clippers have become a force to reckon with, especially after adding James Harden to their roster. Alongside Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers have found a winning formula, making them a team to watch in the Western playoffs.

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Oklahoma City Thunder's rebuilding efforts are paying off sooner than expected. With Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and rookie Chet Holmgren showing great promise, the Thunder are setting themselves up as future contenders in the NBA.

7. Oklahoma City Thunder's Promise

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The star power of LeBron James and Anthony Davis keeps the Los Angeles Lakers in the spotlight, but their overall team performance suggests they might be overhyped. They need to address their weaknesses to live up to the championship expectations.

8. Los Angeles Lakers - Overhyped?

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9. The End of the Warriors' Era?

The Golden State Warriors, once a dominant force in the NBA, now face uncertainty. With aging stars like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and management changes, the Warriors' era of success seems to be in question.

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The Detroit Pistons are facing tough times, struggling to find success despite the talents of players like Cade Cunningham. Their poor team performance highlights the challenges of rebuilding with a young roster.

10. Detroit Pistons - Struggling

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