Why Manchester United Must Keep Erik Ten Hag - Key Reasons Explained

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By: Aquib Nawab


It can be a real test of patience, with moments of hope often followed by heartache, with recent highlights like Harry Maguire's Player of the Month, Alejandro Garnacho's Goal of the Month, and Erik ten Hag as Manager of the Month.

1. Supporting Manchester United

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The rollercoaster season includes highs like the impressive victory against Chelsea, followed by lows, such as a dismal loss to Bournemouth. Manchester United now faces tough challenges against Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

2. Rollercoaster Ride

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3. Breaking the Cycle

For more than ten years, Manchester United kept changing their coaches, like David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, but it didn't work. This made the players think they could avoid blame. It's time to try something different.

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We've seen coaches like Mikel Arteta go through tough times before achieving success. Patience allowed Arteta to turn Arsenal into title contenders. Providing Erik ten Hag with time to establish a winning culture could lead to brighter days at Manchester United.

4. The Mikel Arteta Factor

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The pending partial takeover by Sir Jim Ratcliffe has created uncertainty at the club. This uncertainty has naturally impacted on-field performances. Hiring a new coach during this transitional period would add further instability.

5. Stability Amidst Takeover

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6. Pragmatic Decision

From a pragmatic standpoint, it makes sense for the new board to support Ten Hag. Rushing to find a new head coach could result in yet another underwhelming season. The current situation is partly the Glazers' responsibility, and hasty decisions could worsen the situation.

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Despite the challenges of this season, Ten Hag has demonstrated competence. He improved the team's position in the Premier League, secured a Champions League spot, and even won the League Cup.

7. Acknowledging Past Achievements

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Erik Ten Hag may not be considered an elite coach, but he's the right fit for Manchester United's current needs. His track record of past achievements and potential for improvement make him a solid choice for the club's present circumstances.

8. Not an Elite Coach but the Right One

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