The number 69 has gained widespread notoriety as a hilarious and seductive one. Most likely as a result of the latter, many sports leagues and teams avoided giving their players the number 69.

Mel Angelstad was the first NHL player in league history to wear the number when he played two games for the Washington Capitals in 2004.

Angelstand finally has some company when Andrew Desjardins made his NHL debut in 2011 sporting the contentious digits.

Here are a few others in the sport’s history who signed up for this number.

Kettemer has worn No. 69 while playing for three different teams in Germany: Augsburg, Mannheim, and Munich.

Florian Kettemer  (Munich, German League)

Angelstad participated in two NHL games in 2004 and wore No. 69, making him the first player to do so.

Mel Angelstad (Washington Capitals, NHL)

During the 2015 USA Hockey Sled Hockey Tier II National Championship, Grandchamp participated in five games for the Avalanche sled squad. Despite him scoring 0 goals in all five games, that team won a championship.

Pierce Grandchamp (Colorado Avalanche Sled Hockey)

He was given the No. 69 by the Sharks after the conclusion of the 2010–11 season, and he proudly wore it for the next two seasons.

Andrew Desjardins  (San Jose Sharks, NHL)

However, he permanently gave it up before the 2013–2014 NHL season and now dons No. 11 with the Chicago Blackhawks. He recorded 17 points in 76 games while sporting No. 69 in 2011–12, so it's certainly no coincidence.

The former Winnipeg Jets draught pick proudly wore No. 69 throughout his two seasons in Russia after leaving the NHL. Though No. 69 was still available when he returned to the Jets this season, he declined to wear it further.

Alex Burmistrov  (Ak-Bars Kazan, KHL)

He was originally given the number 99 by his KHL team. He got the notorious 69 after asking for a switch. That's palatable for a player that enjoyed a successful debut campaign with the Capitals, scoring 69 points on the strength of 14 goals and 55 assists.

Nicklas Backstrom (Dynamo Moscow, KHL)