Barcelona centre-back, Gerard Pique and wife Shakira part ways on account of the former being accused of infidelity.

In the midst of such claims, a Brazilian model named Suzy Cortex alleged that Pique sent her filthy text messages behind Shakira's back.

In line with the Spanish newspaper, Marca, Pique who met Suzy through former FC Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell, sent her illicit text messages.

Pique was also said to have spent a large amount of time in direct touch with Cortez, according to the article.

While speaking to El Diario NY, a New York-based paper, Suzy alleged that Pique would frequently ask her about “her plans to visit Europe” and the “size of her butt”.

The model also alleged that when she moved back to Brazil, Pique would send her an Instagram message every day and then delete it later.

Cortez also questioned the entire Barcelona squad's morality at the time, claiming that only a couple of players never sent her anything after meeting with her.

Lionel Messi and his Brazilian teammate Philippe Coutinho were the only players in the Barcelona squad who did not send her filthy texts, said Suzy.

"They're terrific men who have a lot of respect for their wives," Cortez said.

the Spanish club and the footballer have yet to reply to the allegations. The former couple has a 9-year-old son together.