9 MLB Players Who Made a Big Impact as Coaches

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1 - Walter Johnson

After 417 wins, a 2.17 ERA, and 3,509 strikeouts, Walter Johnson transitioned to coaching. He led the Senators to 92+ win seasons and later managed Cleveland. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936.

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2 - Ted Williams

Senators owner, Bob Short, hired Ted Williams to revitalize the team in 1969. Williams led them to their only winning season in D.C. with 86 wins. Later, he stayed on as the Rangers' manager before being replaced.

3 - Mel Ott

Mel Ott, a prolific slugger, led the Giants in homers for 18 seasons. He managed the team for seven years, even while playing. However, a managerial change occurred in 1948, and Ott ended with a 464-530 record.

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4 - Christy Mathewson

Christy Mathewson, a pitching legend with 373 wins and a 2.13 ERA, became a player-manager for the Reds. He managed through 1918 with a 164-176 record, a departure from his pitching excellence.

5 - Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel, a right fielder turned manager, boasts seven World Series titles. Two as a player with the Giants, and five as the Yankees' manager from 1949-1953. His 10 pennants speak to his managerial prowess.

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6 - Tony La Russa

Tony La Russa, the second-most winningest manager ever (2,902 wins), maintained a consistent win percentage above 50%. A former infielder turned manager from 1979-2011, he returned briefly in 2021, winning 3 World Series and 6 pennants.

7 - John McGraw

John McGraw, the third-winningest MLB manager (2,763 wins), had a remarkable career as player and manager. He led the New York Giants from 1902-1932, winning 3 World Series titles, 10 pennants, with a 58.6% winning record.

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8 - Ted Lyons

Lyons, an ERA champion at 41, resumed playing at 45. He transitioned to managing the White Sox in 1946, with a tenure until 1948, finishing with a .430 record. Hall of Fame inductee in 1955.

9 - Joe McCarthy

Joe McCarthy, a manager from 1926 to 1950, boasts a record-winning percentage of 61.5%. He collected 2,125 wins, including 7 World Series titles with the Yankees, tied for most all-time, and secured 9 pennants.

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