10 Essential Baseball Drills for Little Leaguers

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Baseball Drills

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Benefits of Youth Baseball

Youth baseball offers a multitude of benefits for your child, from physical fitness to teamwork and character development. Proper preparation and coaching are essential for success.

Credits: Canva

Credits: Canva

1 - Decision Making: Relay Throws

One of the essential drills for Little Leaguers is the Relay Throws drill. This drill teaches players valuable skills in communication, teamwork, and decision-making on the field. 

2 - Throwing Mechanics: Unzip and Release Drill

In the "Unzip and Release" drill, players learn the fundamental mechanics of throwing. This simple yet crucial drill helps young athletes develop proper throwing techniques.

Credits: Canva

Credits: Canva

3 - Catching: Pop Fly Drills

Catching can be daunting for young players. Starting with softer balls and gradually progressing to baseballs, the Pop Fly Drills help kids overcome their fear and build catching skills.

4 - Grounders: The Bucket Drill

Fielding ground balls is a skill that requires patience and focus. The Bucket Drill, a fun and engaging exercise, helps players hone their fielding skills and enhances their agility.

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5 - Infield: Workup Drill for Defense

Successful infield play and accurate throws are crucial in Little League baseball. The Infield Workup Drill challenges players to handle various fielding scenarios and make precise throws.

6 - Outfield: Drop Step Drill

Outfielders must learn to track fly balls effectively. The Drop Step Drill teaches outfield players to react quickly and run efficiently to make catches, emphasizing the importance of maintaining eye contact with the ball.

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7 - Hitting: Double Tee Drill

Hitting mechanics are vital in baseball. The Double Tee Drill helps young hitters develop proper swing mechanics by focusing on hitting the ball without touching the back tee.

8 - Pitching: Towel Drill 

Pitching requires repetition and muscle memory. The Towel Drill strengthens the pitching arm while mimicking the pitching motion, helping young pitchers develop control and consistency.

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Credits: Canva

9 - Baserunning: Square Stand Up/Sit Down Slide

Safety is paramount in baserunning. The Square Stand Up/Sit Down Slide teaches players a hands-free, feet-first sliding technique, ensuring both safety and adherence to Little League rules.

10 - Agility: Box Running Drills

Agility is a key attribute for baseball players. Box Running Drills improve players' quickness, coordination, and overall agility by using cone patterns and directional changes.

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